Registration of Native-Bred Horses

Native-Bred Horses

This serves as a reminder that the deadline for applications for the registration of native-bred foals born in a particular year is September 30 of the same year, or one hundred and twenty (120) days after the birth of the animal, whichever shall last occur. The following are to be submitted with each application:
  1. Thoroughbred Registration Form, completed by a locally registered Veterinarian, who is neither the breeder nor the owner of the foal.
  2. Completed Stallion Service Certificate, signed by the stallion owner or authorized agent.
  3. The requisite fee for registration.
NB: All effort should be made to apply within the time specified above as early application facilitates the completion of DNA/Bloodtyping & Parentage Verification requirements in a timely manner. Applicants who supply the proper documentation will be required to take written and riding tests.

Late Application

Please note that any application received after the time specified above will be deemed a late application, and will be subject to a late registration fine, payable at the time of application.

No application will be accepted after the end of the horse’s two-year old life.

N.B. Absolutely no incomplete, defaced (with liquid paper or otherwise) or part document will be accepted.