Jockeys Training Programme 2012

Programme Description

In response to an overwhelming demand from the racing industry for lightweight and claiming jockeys the JRC took the decision, despite severe resource constraints, to facilitate a revised Jockey's Training program. The program was designed as an intensive six month programme that would be available in three years cycles, intended for recruits from the Excercise Rider occupational group. The selection of participants is done by nomination from Trainers after which an application has to be made. The criteria for nomination include:
  • Age: 16 - 25 years
  • Weight: not more than 50kg
  • Riding skills: must be able to canter a horse
  • Education: grade 6
Applicants who supply the proper documentation will be required to take written and riding tests. Click here for more information on the criteria for enrollmentĀ»

Application Procedures

  • Nomination

    All applicants are to be nominated by a Trainer. Click here for Nomination formsĀ»
  • Application

    All sections of the application form is to be completed in the handwriting of the applicant. Click here for Application formsĀ»
  • Curriculum

    Courses in this programme are held in two terms over 6 months. These courses include:
    1. Physical Fitness
    2. Food and Nutrition
    3. Personal Development
    4. Anatomy of the Horse
    5. Computer Aided Mathematics and English
    6. Race Riding
    7. Film review and Rules
    PictureParticipants of the Jockey's Training School 2012 (Click here to view photo)