Press Release

June 22, 2024

NOTICE WHIP RULE changes effective June 22nd 2024. # Whip Usage Guidelines in Horse Racing The whip may be used to encourage a horse – to have the horse focused and concentrated – to perform at its best. However, the stimulus provided by the use of the whip must be limited so as not to compromise the welfare of the horse. Riders should consider the following guidance to minimize any possibility of being found in breach of the Rules: 1. No more than 10 strikes allowable per race 2. 8 strikes allowable for the final 400 meters 3. All records will be monitored and kept for the 12-month racing calendar 4. The Stewards may fine habitual offenders up to a max of $20,000 and suspensions up to 25 days ## Offense Schedule | Offense | Disciplinary Action | |---------|---------------------| | 1st (first) | Warning from the Stewards | | 2nd (second) | Fine $5,000 | | 3rd (third) | Fine $7,500 | | 4th (fourth) | Hearing by the Stewards; Fine and Suspension |