Press Release

January 28, 2022

On Thursday 27th January, 2022, the Jamaica Racing Commission heard an appeal from Owner Andrew Donalds against the Stewards’ decision handed down on Saturday 21st June, 2021 to disqualify his horse BIG PAUL for interference caused during the running of the 7th race. The Stewards had ruled that because of intimidation and interference caused to horse No. 4 DILIGENT leaving the 300-metre point of the race, horse No. 2 BIG PAUL who was first passed the post was disqualified and placed third, behind horse No. 4 DILIGENT, who was placed second.

After reviewing the film of the race and hearing submissions made by Owner Andrew Donalds, Jockeys Oshane Nugent and Daniel Thompson, riders of horses BIG PAUL and DILIGENT respectively, and the Jamaica Racing Commission’s Operations Steward, the Commission ruled that the decision of the Stewards be overturned. Therefore, the placings of the race would remain as the original finish with first passed the post, BIG PAUL, second CHRISANLI and third DILIGENT.