Press Release

August 15, 2023

RULE 27(b) Horses running in a race must be saddled in the enclosure (Saddling Ring) specified by the Stewards, so however, the Stewards may grant permission for a horse to be saddled elsewhere. RULE 189 No individual shall enter the Paddock on a raceday unless he has a badge issued to him exhibited in a prominent position on his person and he is a member, Official or Authorized Person of the Commission, a Steward or Official for the day’s racing a member of the Constabulary or Security Force, a trainer or a groom of a horse engaged in the day’s racing, a farrier or his apprentice, a Promoter or Director of the Promoting Company or their authorized staff. RULE 191: No person shall, without special leave from the Stewards, be admitted to the weighing room, except an official of the meeting, the trainer, assistant trainer and jockey of a horse engaged in the race and any person refusing to leave shall be reported to the Stewards. RULE 259(4): No drug shall be administered internally or by hypodermic or any other method, no body- wash or liniment containing a prohibited substance, no nebulization or intubation, no freezing agent or irritant shall be applied to a horse on a race day for the purpose of affecting the racing performance of the horse in a race. JAMAICA RACING COMMISSION 16th August, 2023