Press Release

February 28, 2019

APPEAL – LAURENCE HEFFES AGAINST THE STEWARDS’ DECISION RE: UNPAID KEEP AND CARE COSTS FOR GIVE IT TO ME BABY AND RALLY BABY. On Thursday, 28th February, 2019, the Jamaica Racing Commission heard an appeal by Owner Laurence Heffes against the decision of the Stewards arising from the complaint by Trainer Richard Azan for keep and care costs for the mares; Give it to me Baby and Rally Baby. The Stewards’ panel on April 10, 2018, ruled that Owner Laurence Heffes is to pay the sum of $345,040.20 comprising: A. Give It To Me Baby - $123,670.00 B. Rally Baby - $190,912.00 C. Commission due to JRC - $ 26,458.20 D. Refund of Complaint Fee - $ 4,000.00 After considering the evidence and submissions from Mr. Laurence Heffes and Mr. Richard Azan, The Commission upheld the Stewards’ decision and instructed Mr. Heffes to pay the sum thereof of Three Hundred and forty-five Thousand and Forty Dollars, Twenty Cents ($345,040.20). He was given fourteen days of the date of the ruling to pay the fines. Mr. Garth McBean Q.C., the Commission’s Legal Adviser, marshalled the evidence on behalf of the Commission. JAMAICA RACING COMMISSION 5th March, 2019